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Reservations are strongly encouraged and recommended. Walk-in guests will be seated based on availability.

A person is cutting a piece of pizza from a delicious looking pie.

Ciao Amici!

A plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

About Our Menu

Though la dolce vita may spark visions of Vespas zipping through Rome or sipping limoncello on the Amalfi Coast, at Mambo Italia we take inspiration from a variety of Italian regional cuisines. From the rustic hills of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Napoli, we celebrate all the flavors that make Italy a spettacolare culinary experience.

Sure, we can talk about our full-blooded Italian heritage, brag about how many times we’ve been to Italy or how fluently we speak the language. But in the end, none of that really matters. What’s important to us is that every guest who walks into Mambo Italia leaves with a taste of la dolce vita—the sweet life—and comes back hungry for more.

What is la dolce vita? For us, it starts with simple, flavorful ingredients. Bold, conversation-worthy recipes. An atmosphere that feels like your neighborhood go-to and that little hidden gem you found last vacation. La dolce vita is what you make it, and at Mambo, we always make it a good time.

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